Baby Solomon

Puppy Sol & Mom

Little River Rosie

Baby Seal Solomon?

Sol Cools Down

Checkin' Out the Garden

Mary Five Weeks

Solomon's Choice of Bed

Sweet Little Mary

Hangin' Out With the Family

Auntie Shirley Loves Mary

Mary Loves Auntie Shirley


Picking Out Our New Puppy!

King Solomon's Marygold is Chosen

Mary the Darlin'

Sunday Afternoon


Solomon-6 Months

Solomon and Little River Rosie

River Fun

Mary Learns the River

Lydia's King Solomon

Puppy Mary Barrels In

Mary Dogpaddles

Rosie Retrieves

Solomon on the Prowl-10 Months

Winter Romp in the Yard

Very Pregnant Rosie!

Dad and Rosie

Rosie's Christmas Day Litter

Tim Assists Rosie in the Whelping Box

Puppy Fan Club!


Rosie Needs a Mommy Break

Another Mommy Break, Please?

How Much Does She Weigh?

Ah...The Joys of Motherhood!


Good Friends-Rosie and Nona

Mary Two Weeks Before Delivery

Pregnant Mary Cools Down