Lydia's King Solomon


Solomon was our first Golden Retriever and our first future dad.  His presence has been both a joy and a blessing to us all.  His conformation and his carriage are a delight to observe.  Solomon’s paternal grandparents are  Russian and Romanian.  As you see from his photos, (here and in our Gallery),  Solomon,  carried on the qualities of the English Golden’s  in coat color as well as body type.  He is built lower, more heavily bodied, with a blocky head and a cream colored coat.

Baby Solomon Controls the Hose

When Solomon is excited, his entire body, (except for his head), wags – hard. He is smiley and happy all over!  He’s always in a joyful mood with his humans, and even though his canine girls rule over him, he takes it all in good stride.  We all enjoy just watching him, as he is always game for anything.  To Solomon, everything is a good idea and lots of fun – plus, he looks great doing it!  Solomon enjoys water passionately.  From his kiddie pool, as a puppy (see Gallery), where he controlled the water hose, to the Little River, Solomon will often be found in the water.  He stretched out in his pool every day in the warmer, (and no so warm) weather, as he serenely surveyed his girls.  Another very enjoyable hobby of Solomon’s, (both from a spectator’s viewpoint, as well as a participant, obviously) is butterfly chasing. (Please note that I did not say butterfly catching!)  Our family has  received so much enjoyment watching and reminiscing over that large, lumbering dog leaping through the air, ballet style, when, either a butterfly or two, or many butterflies per-chanced to flutter through his immediate vicinity.   It’s just that his personality, nor his body type and gait, lend themselves to be considered remotely “ballet friendly”, which make this whole scenario funnier than ever!

Solomon and Rosie Enjoy Little River

Even at over 70 pounds, Solomon still has not gotten over being a lap dog, which makes for humorous and interesting sit-down visits with him! With Solomon’s fun- loving and people-loving personality and his extraordinarily handsome presence, his babies are irresistible!


Snow King Solomon