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Good Job, Mary!-One Day Old


May 6, 2011 – Happy two week birthday, sweet little Golden’s of Mary!

Now, that we’re up and running on the “Roving Retriever”, we have a couple of weeks of catching up to do for all of our Golden Retriever loving friends!  For those of you with a puppy in mind, we’re sure that you are anxious to hear as much as possible about him or her!  First things first…you simply must see a picture of Mary on the day of her delivery.

Mary, A Few Hours Before Delivery

Can you imagine??  Mary’s sweeties’ weights ranged from one pound, one ounce to one pound, four ounces.  She was carrying a total of ten puppies (one of which was stillborn).  With the puppies weights, placentas, and amniotic fluid, she was carrying significantly more weight than human moms carry during pregnancy, and she started out weighing perhaps, sixty-five pounds!

She also seemed to weather her labor a little differently than most of us girls do.  Mary’s first puppy (Dark Pink Ribbon girl) was born at 5:15 pm.  Her last little guy (Yellow Ribbon boy) entered the world at 10:32 pm.  When the first puppy emerged, unbeknown to me that little Dark Pink Ribbon girl was on her way out momentarily, I was handfeeding Mary from a can of Blue brand dog food – chicken, it was.  Boy, were we surprised!   (Wonder if that would be good advertisement for Blue??)  I’ve never known any woman, including myself, who was in the process of partaking of a hearty chicken meal as her baby’s head, and indeed, her baby’s entire body, emerged from the birth canal!

Dark Pink Ribbon Girl-Four Days Old

Quite Chic, Matching Mom's Favorite Lilacs! - Four Days Old


So Sweet! (One Week Old)


May 9, 2011 – Today, our little Golden’s are seventeen days old and growing and maturing at a phenomenal rate of speed!  They have voracious appetites and definite opinions of their own!  This was also the first day that we had the privilege of seeing the roly-polys tumbling about and playing with each other!

Yellow Ribbon Boy-(Seventeen Days Old)

When these little guys were whelped, their weights ranged from one pound, one ounce, (Yellow Ribbon Boy), to one pound, four ounces (Blue Ribbon Boy).  As of Sunday, May 8, 2011, the weights ranged from three pounds, six ounces, (Black Ribbon Boy), to four pounds, two ounces (Red Ribbon Boy).  As a note of interest for you all, Black Ribbon Boy and Brown Ribbon Boy are twins, and each weighed one pound, two ounces at birth!

Weight Watchers! (Four Days Old)


May 10, 2011 – In the past few days, we have noticed that when the other dogs are barking, especially if the barking is particularly frantic, the little puppies will sometimes join in with their own rendition of yipping and yapping!  These little guys, in most every way, appear to be maturing very early and very rapidly.

They definitely already enjoy interacting with us -  with tail wagging (of course, to be honest, they do that with the other doggy family members, too!,)  and sweet little kisses and snuggles.  It’s kind of neat to see a two- and- a half- week-old puppy wagging his little tail as he carefully makes his way across the floor and suddenly spots you there!

Auntie Shirley Loves the Baby!

Incidentally, as I write, some of the little Golden’s are enjoying a quick snack from Mom, and others are slurping wet Pro Plan mush from their bowl.  Truly, if you didn’t know who was in that whelping box, you’d bet your bottom dollar that there nine starving little piglets, instead of nine chubby little Golden Retriever’s in there!

For your viewing pleasure, we thought you might enjoy seeing Yellow Ribbon toddling his way across the floor, and making pretty good time doing so, except for ,perhaps, when he reaches a slick spot!


May 22, 2011 – Mary’s sweet babies are four weeks and two days old.  They are beautiful and handsome, chubby bundles of energy and fun!  Their appetites continue to be voracious, they’ve learned to play with their many toys.  Some have also courageously breeched the confines of their whelping box on their own!

Dinner's On! 3 Weeks

In a matter of days,  Mary’s babies will move up into a giant puppy playpen,  which takes up the entire floorspace of the kitchen except for a narrow pathway.  They may also be given the privilege of spending some time in specific areas out of doors, depending on the weather etc.  We take extra precautions in this venture, until vaccinations are properly in place.  Also, dewormings are about to begin on these little sweeties.

Take a look at these exceptionally gorgeous  Golden Retriever puppies on their four-week birthday.  Note their already evident, inherited, beautiful, stocky, low-to-the-ground build.

Blue RIbbon Boy


Yellow Ribbon Boy

Light Pink Ribbon Girl ADOPTED


Purple Ribbon Girl

Dark Pink Ribbon Girl


Black Ribbon Boy


Orange Ribbon Boy


Brown Ribbon Boy


Red Ribbon Boy

This litter of AKC Golden Retrievers are absolutely the finest that we have seen.  Contact us early to reserve your own beautiful, personality filled Golden best friend!